I tend to be a very private person and prefer investing the vast majority of my time with people and relationships in the real world. I also tend to work on projects that have different levels of protections, intellectual property rights, and security requirements and as such am limited in what I can share publicly. So, my online presence may be sparse, uneven, or occasionally very rich. Mileage may vary. If you want to know who I really am as a person find me at a conference, invite me for coffee/tea, visit me in the glass studio, or ask me to come visit and give a talk about my work/research. I love meeting new people and learning about what excites you. Maybe we can find some overlaps of passion? 

My Personal Hobbies are Glassblowing, Metalwork, Boating, Camping, Games (board, card, video), Wine-making, Woodworking, Gardening, Woodwork, and Quadcopters.

Brief Biography

G. Michael Youngblood, Ph.D. is a senior interactive systems researcher, engineer, designer, architect, and all-around builder. He currently focuses on human-machine collaboration system research. These tools utilize mixed-initiative and often components of explainable AI. He recently worked on mobile computing platforms (embedded systems) and interactive artificial intelligence systems (AI with humans in the loop) to facilitate positive behavior change in individual and social contexts. His research work has also focused on learning and understanding spatiotemporal elements in real and virtual environments in order to guide decisions by AI assisting elements. This work has involved mobile robots, smart houses and buildings, interactive 3D gaming, and mobile computing.  He is known for his "Can-Do" attitude, optimism in the face of imminent disaster, and ability to get the job done on time, on budget, and by design.

Specialties: Interactive Artificial Intelligence, User Assessment and Modeling, Knowledge and Information Data Structures and Processing, Machine and Human Learning, UX, Software Architecture, and Large-scale Systems 

Before joining PARC, Michael led the Game Intelligence Group as an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His well-funded research group conducted work in interactive artificial intelligence focusing on spatial reasoning representations, automated spatial decomposition techniques, dynamic behavior-based control, and tools to improve intelligent character creation. 

His dissertation work focused on automating intelligent environments to reduce user interaction through user modeling, activity recognition/prediction, and machine learning. He is the former general and program chair for IAAI, FLAIRS, and AIIDE. He has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications in the fields of interactive artificial intelligence in games, automating intelligent environments, game education, and robotics. 

Prior to life as a computer scientist and engineer, Dr. Youngblood served eight years in the US Navy nuclear submarine operations and repair service specializing in mechanical systems, nuclear chemistry, and radiological controls.  He is a plank owner of the USS BOISE (SSN-764) and was the first assigned to the boat. He decommissioned the USS CANOPUS (AS-34). And he led an improvement effort on the troubled USS EMORY S. LAND (AS-39) to being one of the best nuclear repair facilities in the fleet.

Dr. Youngblood is a member in good standing of AAAI, ACM, ACM/SIGART, ACM/SIGGRAPH, IGDA, Sigma Xi, IEEE, and IEEE-CS. He is a Tau Beta Pi fellow (2002-2003), and also a member of the 2007 DARPA Computer Science Study Group (CSSG).

Name and Pronunciation

My name is Michael or in more formal settings Dr. Youngblood (preferred) or Professor Youngblood (for those of you that feel only medical doctors are actually doctors, I have held this title so it is appropriate).

How do you pronounce "G. Michael Youngblood?" Well, the "G" is silent. 😀and the rest is  "MY"-kull, where kull - rhymes with dull.  y UH ng b l UH d. My first name is Gregory, that is not a secret, my parents always called me by my middle name instead and I have never changed that. There are a few of us odd ball middle name folks around. 

Oh, and if you really need to know, my pronouns are he / himself / his unless it is in a publication in which I have worked with others, which is often the case, then it is they / them / theirs of course,  I also like the royal we


2005 Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington, Intelligent Systems

2002 M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington, Intelligent Systems

1999 Honors B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington, Robotics

1995 A.S. in Nuclear Engineering Technologies, Thomas Edison State College, Radiation Protection

1989-1994 U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Engineering Training:

1988 Bishop High School

US Navy Military Service

Active Duty: July 18, 1988 – August 1, 1996 (8 years and 14 days)

Discharge: Honorable (RE-R1)

Sea Service: 5 years and 11 months

Rank: Machinist’s Mate First Class, Submarines – MM1(SS) Grade: E-6 

Primary Specialty: 

Submarine Nuclear Propulsion Plant Supervisor - Engineering Laboratory Technician (NEC MM3366, 6 years 2 months experience) 

Submarine Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operator - Mechanical (NEC MM3355, 6 years 5 months experience) 

Nuclear Propulsion Plant Maintenance Supervisor - Radiological Controls (NEC MM3376, 2 years 10 months experience) 

Tours of Duty

USS Boise (SSN-764)

Nuclear Fast Attack Submarine (688i mod 5)

Plankowner serving on initial commissioning crew (first crew member reporting) from 1990-1993. Member of Reactor Laboratories and Machinery Divisions. Qualified Submarines, all nuclear mechanical watch stations, Engineering Laboratory Technician (ELT), and Engineroom Supervisor.

I was working in the engineroom on watch when this photo was taken.

Stationed in Newport News and Norfolk, Virginia.

USS Canopus (AS-34)

Simon Lake Class Submarine Tender

Served on decommissioning crew from 1993 to 1994. Member of Repair 5 (R-5) Division in the Nuclear Support Facility. Qualified all nuclear repair watches through Radiological Controls Shift Supervisor. Last member to depart R-5. Lead for Nuclear Training.

Stationed in King's Bay, Georgia. Deployed to Norfolk, Virginia, for over 6 months I served onboard covering for the USS Frank Cable (AS-40) when she went to the yards.

USS Emory S. Land (AS-39)

Emory S. Land Class Submarine Tender

Served on the crew from 1994 to 1996. Member of Repair 5 (R-5) Division in the Nuclear Support Facility. Qualified all nuclear repair watches through Radiological Controls Shift Supervisor. Lead for Nuclear Training. Lead Radiological Materials Shipper. Lead for advanced depot-level repair jobs.

Stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.

Ethnicity and Heritage

I am primarily British in descent, but retain a number of Germanic and Scandinavian features despite the low percentage. Many of the men in my lineage were German who married British/Irish/Scottish wives. Youngblood comes from the German Jungbluth.

My earliest American ancestors came to the New World in 1732, started in Virginia, and ultimately settled in the Midwest. Despite living across the United States and abroad, you can hear Midwestern influences in my speech, mixed with a healthy amount of South Texan (where I grew up).


I am a Myers-Briggs type  ENTP-A. While some folk's personality preferences are clearly indicative of a certain type, I tend to be more neutral and lean towards this type. I believe that this helps me understand other preference sets, and has allowed me to listen, internalize, and empathize more with others. I have also participated in FIRO-B evaluation, which revealed an expressed/wanted behavior preference set typical in strong team builders and leaders. 

Psychometric analysis is an interesting area, but not necessary an exact science. I am always interested in talking with others that have participated in formal personal psychometric evaluations with the caveat that you have to know yourself and your preferences/scores to discuss me and mine.

Me, Around the Internet

LinkedIn - My digital CV

Instagram - Social picture sharing.

Twitter - Public ramblings with infrequent posts.

YouTube - Research videos and other recordings.

Pinterest - A sense of my style or atleast the style of the ideas I collect.

500px - High quality pictures I have taken that I am sharing with everyone including use in other peoples projects, media, and other art.

Facebook - The ethically-challenged social network. I am no longer an active member. Catch me on Instagram instead. I know that they are both owned by different type-face (i.e., 2-faced) FACEBOOK, INC.

I am a level 7 Google Local Guide as well as an Open Street Map contributor working to improve the data in the world around us.

Google Local Guide

Attributions:German Hat icon by Icons8USS Boise, USS Canopus, and USS Emory S. Land images courtesy of the US Navy Public Affairs Office courtesy of US Taxpayers
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